About Us

At Yard Signs Canada, we manufacture custom signage for your business, event or personal occasion. We provide easy to use tools to create your signs online as well as professional consultation and assistance with your design. We provide fast turnaround and shipping across Canada and United States. With your support, Yard Signs Canada has been on the market for over 9 years. We have helped many businesses with marketing their services while staying within their budget. We use our expertise and offer marketing and advertising suggestions to those who want to focus on their business. We are constantly growing our product line to offer a broader selection of marketing tools for your business needs. Our online design tool is very unique and sets us apart from the competition. It's very easy to use and you can create your sign or banner in minutes. We offer a variety of professionally designed templates to speed up the ad creation process.

Yard Signs are all about smart, strategic marketing. Here at Yard Signs Canada we provide an advertising solution that is unrivalled in terms of ROI and market penetration. The beauty of adding yard signs to your marketing strategy is that you access a form of passive marketing that is working for you 24/7. Yard Signs offer incredible strategic marketing potential – no other form of advertising allows you to specifically target areas and travel routes with such unbelievable flexibility. With superior visibility and dynamic brand awareness impact, yard signs are the affordable marketing powerhouses that grab your potential customers attention in a way that sticks!

At Yard Signs Canada we believe that getting your message out there should be easy, affordable and bring a huge visual impact. That’s why we have a state-of-the-art, intuitive online design tool with hundreds of different templates to suit a huge variety of different businesses, community events and festivals. Plus the ability to build from scratch or upload your own artwork!

We also offer incredible flexibility in pricing – with packages to suit every size of business and order, affordable options for those on a tight budget and small order amounts to allow for testing.
Due to the huge flexibility and market impact of yard signs they are a favourite for political campaigns – the Wall St. Journal recently cited the incredible impact of yard signs on public perception - we also offer may templates to support political and election campaigns.

In addition to yard signs we also offer car magnets so wherever you go, you’re advertising your business – a portable, always-on marketing tool! Our banners offer a fantastic way to promote events, special offers or as an eye catching way to let customers find you!